Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals

Writing on the Edge 2019

Teaching the 21st Century Student


Call for Proposals

Proposal Deadline: Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Forget Millennials, it is now the age of iGen (the internet generation – also known as Generation Z.) Who are these iGen students that are invading our classes, and how do we help them learn? Find out when College of DuPage hosts the fifth annual Writing on the Edge (WOTE) conference for adjunct and contingent faculty on Saturday, September 21, 2019. Organized by adjunct faculty from COD’s Liberal Arts Division, this year our conference will focus on meeting the needs of iGen learners. Faculty from all disciplines are encouraged to submit proposals for our breakout sessions.

Students today are dealing with the contradiction of the internet – it connects but also isolates. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, students are connected 24/7 – is that really good for them? With all the media bombarding our students, we as instructors have to help them think critically. In addition, students today are less resilient and more anxious than ever before. Our conference will look at ways to help students learn and to help instructors adapt to the new challenges this generation brings.


For your proposals, we welcome creative interpretations of our theme.  Here are some questions to use as a starting point to develop a proposal:

  • How has your teaching changed to meet the needs of iGen students?
  • How do you teach critical thinking skills in your classes?
  • What do you do to create community in an online class?
  • How do you build resilience in your students?
  • Can you recognize student anxiety in your classes?
  • What campus resources do you work with to help your students?
  • How do you teach students to understand the difference between fake news and real news?
  • What dialoging do you do with students?
  • Which technologies engage students, and which ones distract them?

We will also accept other topics as we have in the past, including adjunct life, technology, pedagogy, and anything that deals with teaching and learning. We are excited to see your dynamic, hands-on, and engaging proposals.


Proposal Guidelines

We are accepting proposals for half-hour or one-hour interactive presentations, hands-on sessions, and panels (please include time for questions in your presentations.) Preference will be given to current or past adjunct/contingent instructors.

Proposals should include:

  • A 250-word abstract that summarizes the presentation
  • Names, school affiliation(s), current status (adjunct, tenured, etc.) and full contact information for all presenters
  • The title of the presentation and a 2-3 sentence description for the conference program
  • Whether you would like a half-hour or one-hour slot.
  • Specific equipment needs
  • Email proposals as Word or PDF attachments to using the subject line, “WOTE 2019 Proposal”
  • Proposals are due by July 3, 2019