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Writing on the Edge 2016

Innovation from the Outside In

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Thank you to all who made WOTE 2016 a success!  

KeyNote Address at WOTE2016

Keynote Address – Danielle DeVoss, “Writing on the Digital Edge”

Here are some of the multimedia and handouts used during our breakout sessions:

“Educating Through Coaching:  Defining Your Role and Instilling a Dynamic Classroom Environment,”  Nicole Selvaggio

A Stagnant Genre: Redefining and Reviving the Syllabus PowerPoint  and Handout– Hannah Green

Bringing Object Lessons to the Writing Process – John Hayward

Welcome to Bulgarian 101 – Christine Matta

Watch and Learn:  Using Multimedia to Classical Concepts to Contemporary Students – Matt Schering

e-Portfolios:  Blending Student Assessment and Multimodal Literacy – Jim Okrasinski and Lara Tompkins

Celebration of Student Writing:  Multimodal Composition – Brian Brems, Eric Martinson, and Melina Probst Martin

Bringing Comedy into English 101 – Alice Stanley