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Writing on the Edge 2015:

Adjuncts Transforming Composition in the 21st Century


 Writing on the Edge is  an annual conference for adjunct English and ESL instructors. Our inaugural conference, “Writing on the Edge: Adjuncts Transforming Composition in the 21st Century,” was held at College of DuPage on Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015. Organized by the Lecturers in the English and Academic ESL subdivision, the conference brought together English and ESL adjunct faculty from around the Midwest  and provided opportunities for information sharing and networking. Sessions focused on the work of adjuncts to further composition pedagogy and addressed topics in multimodal literacy, technology in the classroom, positive student engagement, and enhanced professional practice. Our keynote speaker was Bruce Ballenger, author of The Curious Researcher and The Curious Writer, talking about  “The Power of Narrative Thinking.


 Thank you to everyone for making our inaugural conference a success!

Keynote Address – Bruce Ballenger, “The Power of Narrative Thinking”WOTE_2015_Official1

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Keynote Speaker Just Added:
Duane Roen
Author of The McGraw Hill Guide: Writing for College, Writing for Life

Bruce Ballenger PicBruce Ballenger

“The Power of Narrative Thinking”

Narrative is the awkward step child in contemporary writing instruction. Some see it as merely a useful way to structure some information or a “technique” that students might try before getting to the more serious work of writing academic arguments. The danger of focusing on storytelling, critics argue, is that composition students will indulge in solipsistic thinking or simply write another ode to a dead grandmother or dropped ball in the Big Game.  But narrative is much more than a form or technique.  It is a powerful method of meaning-making and reasoning that the students can use in addition to thesis-driven argument.  This talk with explore the unique power of narrative logic and teaching practices that inspire it.


Dr. Bruce Ballenger is a professor of English and former department chair at Boise State University specializing in composition theory, inquiry-based learning, and creative nonfiction. He is the author of seven books, including best-selling textbooks The Curious Writer and The Curious Researcher, all published by Pearson. He has published more than 30 articles and essays in publications ranging from River Teeth: A Journal of Narrative Nonfiction to College English. His latest book is Crafting Truth: Short Studies in Creative Nonfiction.  Mr. Ballenger appears courtesy of Pearson Publishing.

 WOTE 2015 Panel Descriptions

Here are some of the multimedia and handouts used for the various breakout sessions.